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May 12, 2012
Best Musical: Second Chance to Win RileysDiner Sketch

Posted by Michael in : Contest , trackback

Here’s your second chance to win a free sketch from RileysDiner. For details for the entire contest, check out our earlier post.

For your second entry, send an email to rileyscontest@gmail.com to tell us the winner in the Best Musical category. Please include your name, address and the name of the play you’re voting for. For the record, your information is confidential. We don’t provide it to anyone else.

If you’re correct, you’ll be entered into our random drawing to win a free script. You can still vote in the Best Play category, too. The drawing will be held immediately after the broadcast of the Tony Awards on June 10. The winner will be posted on the blog.

You can vote only once in each category. Voting for more than one entry in the same category will disqualify you. Break a leg!


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