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December 16, 2012
Wanted: Church or Local Theatre Group to Stage My One-Act Comedy

Posted by Michael in : Writing , trackback

Not long ago, I put the finishing touches on a one-act comedy and now I’m looking for a church that’s interested in staging it.

The one-act is titled “Bowled Over” and it features four actors – two men and two women – who play all 16 parts. The play is a sketch comedy set in a bowling alley. There are 10 sketches in the play. Run time is estimated at a little over an hour.

There aren’t any overt spiritual themes in the production. It’s not intended to be performed in a worship service. It’s intended as pure entertainment. In that respect, “Bowled Over” will be best suited for a church that’s looking for a script for a dinner theater or dessert theater. It could be an ideal piece to perform as the entertainment for a fund-raiser.

The play is totally family friendly. While it’s written for adults, there’s nothing in the content that will be inappropriate for young children – unless the little ones are easily upset when they hear a passing reference to the demise of an unusually heroic hamster.

“Bowled Over” is written to be staged without intermission. If you did want to take a break, an ideal time would be at the conclusion of Scene 6.

Several of the sketches are rewrites of scripts that are available as standalones on RileysDiner.com. Other scenes are new.

If your church is interested in staging “Bowled Over,” drop me a line at michael@rileysdiner.com. I will be happy to send you a reading copy at no charge. If you intend to perform it for free to your community, I am willing to waive the royalties since you would be giving the play its premiere. It would also be a great advantage for me to get feedback from the rehearsal process to help me as I do a final rewrite.

If you’re in the Midwest, I’d like to attend a performance. The opportunity to hear and see how an audience reacts will again help me with analyzing any weak spots in the script that may need my attention.


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