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February 9, 2014
“My Little Davy” Performance Scheduled at Hoogland Center for the Arts

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My Little Davy 3

My comedy sketch, “My Little Davy,” will be performed as part of One Mic Stand, a local stand-up comedy show that’s taped in The Club Room at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, Ill., on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

It’s been a lot of fun to direct one of my own sketches. I haven’t done that in quite a while. And it was all the more enjoyable to work with three talented actors who are bringing these characters to life. The actors, pictured above from left, are Linda Castor as Doris, Jeremy Goeckner as Davy and Danielle Ward as Emma.

This photo was taken during our final rehearsal this afternoon on the stage of The Hoogland’s Club Room. On Feb. 12, the doors will open at 6 p.m. and the taping will begin at 6:30 p.m. I think they tape two or more shows during one evening so I’m not sure what time we’ll go on.

The sketch was originally written for a sermon series that my pastor, Jeff Blevins, was preaching titled “Life at the Bowling Alley” at my former church. I had written five sketches all centered at a bowling alley. The sketch was an illustration for his sermon on Christian maturity. So it worked to introduce his sermon, but it also plays well for this venue because it doesn’t have a preachy message, just a funny story about two competitive moms who are overly proud of their children.

The version that currently lives on RileysDiner features just the two moms. The version that we’re performing is an update that features a third character, Davy. I hope to include the updated version on RileysDiner soon. The version with just the two moms is hilarious, but the addition of Davy has made the sketch even funnier.


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