Miss Addie Waits
Michael Leathers
Riley's Sketches
Awards: Winner: Best Drama, 2008, Christians in Theatre Arts sketch contest
Miss Addie's been in a retirement home for the last five years, receiving rare visits from her family. She knows today will be different; it's her 80th birthday and it falls on Mother's Day. Bernie, the nurse's aide who cares for her, isn't as confident. Whether or not Miss Addie's family visits, Bernie wants her to know others care for her.
Cast: 2 females. Run time: 10 minutes. Price: $13.00.
Other Scripts
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Escape to Nowhere
David Brown
The danger of a marriage drifting apart.
Cast: 1 male, 1 female. Run time: 8 minutes. Price: $13.00.
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Disobedience in the Garden
Teri Kistler
Taking bites out of the big apple.
Cast: 1 male, 1 female. Run time: 4 minutes. Price: $9.00.