David Brown
Riley's Sketches
Scott arrives home, worn out after a long day at work. His wife, Christine, senses that something else is nagging at him. Scott admits he's frustrated after an incident that occurred on his way home. While Scott stopped to gas up his car, a man asked him for money. He didn't help. What held him back?
Cast: 1 male, 1 female. Run time: 5 minutes. Price: $11.00.
Other Scripts
Entree Graphic
Behold the Handmaid, Reading Copy
Teri Kistler
Before and after, Mary reflects on Jesus' life.
Cast: 2 females. Run time: 20-25 minutes. Price: $8.00.
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Whether We Like It or Not
Michael Leathers
New Christian? Don't worry, you'll get over it.
Cast: 2 males. Run time: 6 minutes. Price: $13.00.