Turning Point
David Brown
Riley's Sketches
Every story has a turning point. Human history, itself one vast story, is no different. Our turning point came when the infinite Creator became like his finite creation, “from the Wall Streets to the Hollywood Boulevards.” This two-person dramatic reading reminds us that God “intruded in our history, invaded our timeline and incarnated in our muck.”
Cast: 1 male, 1 female. Run time: 3 minutes. Price: $9.00.
Other Scripts
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Getting Off Tract
Michael Leathers
Sharing Jesus is more than memorizing magic formulas.
Cast: 2 females. Run time: 11 minutes. Price: $13.00.
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Empty Traditions
Teri Kistler
Can I borrow a cup of sugar and some legalism?
Cast: 2 females. Run time: 12 minutes. Price: $13.00.